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Ron’s Rising Stars Youth Training

Ron Johnson has worked with and trained countless youth athletes, High School Sports Teams, College Athlete’s, Amateur Athletes, and individuals of all ages. He currently is one of the speed, strength and conditioning coaches for the Neumann Goretti High School basketball team, which was named the number 1 Athletic Program in the State of Pennsylvania by Sports Illustrated.

The training sessions will take place at one of our select locations, or we will come to you. We offer training in 10 or 20 session packages. Ron’s Rising Stars Trainings take place year round and if there is inclement weather during the winter time, we will work at a local indoor facility.

Ron uses the same techniques and skills that he had learned over the years that helped him reached NCAA Football and the National Football League. Coming out of high school Ron was clocked at 4.45 in the 40 yard dash his senior year. Four years later and over fifty pounds heavier weighing in at 272 pounds, at the end of his senior year in college he was clocked at a 4.65 in the 40 yard dash before his rookie season with the Philadelphia Eagles. No matter how much you weigh, what will separate you from the rest is your quickness and speed. For more information about individual, group or team training please contact us at 717-434-4558 or ron@ronsrisingstars.com

By having a good strong work ethic, and with the training and condition he did in the off seasons, Ron was able to maintain and increase his speed while working hard in the weight room and gaining positive weight.

During the Football season, coaches look for players that are well conditioned and in great shape. This shows commitment and hard work that the players have put in during the off season to get themselves ready for competition. Coaches also look for a player that has a good attitude and can help lead the team during competition and hold the team together when times get tough.

There are many components that help round you to become a great athlete. You must not only be in great physical condition but you must be mentally tough as well. By training and working hard and pushing yourself to become better, you are training yourself to be disciplined and learning how to focus on your goals and dreams. If you believe you can achieve! If you are looking for help to improve your game, we can get you to where you want to be and help your reach and achieve your goals!

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