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THE COUNTDOWN TO the Best Football Camp IS ON!

Whether on or off the football field — Ron’s always been insightful and motivating — a true positive force in Philadelphia.

Robert G. Alberino, Jr.

VP Broadcasting / Exec Producer, ETN,, Philadelphia Eagles

As Ron’s NFL agent, I got to know his skills and abilities as a player and person first-hand. Ron does a great job teaching children the critical football skills they need to be successful players, as well as people. I would recommend Ron’s Rising Stars to any player looking to learn from a true professional.

Kevin M. Gold

Esquire, Rhoads & Sinon LLP

Ron Johnson’s commitment to today’s youth is apparent through his work, past and present. Using the skills he has gained both on and off the football field, Ron supports our children to aim high and achieve their goals.

Samantha Heyman

MRPE, Lecturer, International Institute for Restorative Practices

I’ll never forget the first time I met Ron Johnson. He was interviewing for the Program Director position here at the Detention Center. My first impression and question to myself was, is this guy a doctor or a professor? What would he want with this job? Ron was such a strong figure of a man. He had the look of self confidence and displayed it in his speech and actions. I didn’t realize who he was until we were introduced. Here he was, Ron Johnson from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Because of his background, he had an immediate impact on all that he came in contact with. His positive influence not only was seen in the way that the juveniles responded and reacted, it also could be seen in the Detention Officers involvement in the recreation programs which he had put in place. Ron was never short for words when it came time to talk about growing up in a small town and attending a small college and how he had made his mind up at an early age to go after the Gold Ring. He didn’t like to hear the words, “no, can’t, won’t and why,” to name a few.

I only have a couple more years before I retire, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Ron. Even at this time in my life, I can say that he taught me some lessons.

Jim Phillips

Supervisor, SFSO, Delaware County Juvenile Detention

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your superb work in providing me with personal training. During the past year or so that you have worked with me, I have made more progress in strength training than at any other time I can remember. I am now, simply in the best shape of my life (at age 60 no less). The way you vary the routines keep them fresh and more interesting than most, and this has helped me to remain highly motivated all this time. In addition, you are continually challenging clients to go the extra mile to attain their physical fitness goals. I have no doubt that these skills (and others) which you bring to personal training will help make Ron’s Rising Stars among the best camps anywhere!

David R. Black



Ron's Rising Stars Football Camp 2018 Fundraising Opportunities

In an effort to assist participants in attending our football camp, we have created new fundraising opportunities. Campers may participate in the following fundraisers to help raise funds for them to attend the 2018 Ron's Rising Stars Football Camp July 8-12th at Shippensburg University.

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